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Toronto Bike Share: A Cheaper, Faster, Healthier and Greener Way to Get Around the Inner City

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Bike Share Toronto
Photo taken by James Portoraro

Historically, the city of Toronto has experienced ups and downs regarding its relationship with bicycles, and it’s fair to say now that cycling culture is generally improving in Toronto. Bike Share Toronto, in particular, is playing a big part in making cycling more attractive in the city. If you are making fairly frequent under 30 minute trips in Toronto’s urban core, bike share is often your best option in terms of time, money, and exercise, while also being environmentally friendly. This article will provide a simple and brief overview of the program for those unfamiliar with the basics of Bike Share Toronto.

Travel time: If you are not along a subway line in the inner city, cycling is often the fastest way to get from point A to point B when compared to walking, car, bus, street car, or subway. Next time you are on Google Maps, take a look and compare the travel time in the inner city between the various modes of transport to see which option is the quickest.

Cost: 1st year: $78.31 (with a Presto card) / 2nd and subsequent years: $111.87 (1 year membership including tax)

  • Overage fee over 30 minutes during a single ride session is $4 for an extra 30 minutes

  • Rides under 30 minutes are free

TTC Metropass ($1608 annual) vs. Bike Share Pass ($111.87 annual) saves you $1496.13 per year

Exercise: Cycling also contributes to physical activity and is part of a healthy lifestyle. A 20 minute ride each way equates to 40 minutes a day on a bicycle and 3 hours and 20 minutes of cycling during the work-week. Cycling every day can be a part of your workout!

Environmentally friendly transport: Cycling, rather than using a motorized form of transport, helps mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and takes off that many more vehicles off the road.

Statistics: Currently Bike Share Toronto has:

  • 3,750 bikes

  • 360 stations

  • 75 square kilometers of the city

  • With the Cyclefinder App, one can find a station nearby and check whether there are bicycles available.

If you haven’t already, give Bike Share Toronto a try!

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